About Umesh

UmeshShebeUmesh Shebe is an energetic artist, striving to make a difference and create a legacy by making meaningful strokes in the beautiful world of art.

Having explored various styles to satisfy his artistic desire to do something unique and beautiful, Umesh reflects a distinct Indianness in all his works – be it the fisherwoman series or his depiction of the simple yet impressive life of the villages.

His latest exploration, Shoonya Rekha explores the use of lines and circles to depict various life-forms, especially gods and goddesses in black and white. This simplistic, yet original and evolved style has been channeled from the Mandalas – acknowledged to be the oldest of art forms. The Shoonya Rekha series of art is something that would fit with equal ease into the modern corporate boardroom or the world-class hotel lobby, and yet make you bow your head in obeisance at the powerful depiction of the gods. This is a unique attempt where Hindu and other gods have been symbolically represented in such minimalist fashion. A graduate in fine arts, Umesh is currently based in Bangalore and has many art exhibitions to his credit. Most of all, he loves putting ink to paper.

Contact: ushebe@gmail.com  |  +91 9886 223 223